BFTPI is commissioned to strengthen the observation and prospective functions of the former General Directorate of Urban Planning (GDUP).


Although the former GDUP aimed to be the decision-making tool for urban planning, BFTPI’s IT/GIS audit revealed how little the former GDUP produced territorial analysis indicators and tools. Before being able to provide urban planning statistics and indicators, it is therefore deemed essential to revise the data and tools used by the former GDUP, in particular in terms of quality and access.


The most important part of the work is to digitalise the processes, which are all based on paper. It also appears necessary to build a GIS App that will provide correct information as simply as possible, that will simulate some urban evolution, and that will give a better approach to urban issues, to each directorate of the former GDUP.

Main achievements:

– Digitisation of UPDA’s processes – with the support of the Information and eGovernement Authority (iGA) – facilitating daily work for the staff.

– Development of a new GIS App, plugged in the digitised system for processes (Tasareeh) – that BFTPI supports iGA to develop.

– Production of two geographic layers – land use 2017 and building heights 2017 (updated).

– Development of a 3D App, enabling to view Bahrain territory in 3D.

Observation and prospective functions enhancement

Digitisation of processes

Geographic Information System App

3D App